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I hope Twitter collapses in some kind of spectacular implosion that takes the douchebros in the Valley with it.

They have allowed me into the USA again. Front row seats to the downfall of Western civilization!

Shout out to my fellow parents scrambling to get book week costumes ready for tomorrow

:birdsite: refugee PSA!
Here's what to CW!
•graphic violence or gore
•sexual content/nudity
•hate topics (racism/sexism/homophobia/transphobia/etc)
•depression/suicide/mental health
•flashing video/gifs
•drug/alcohol use
I know that list seems long, but you'll get used to it soon enough!

Bacon and egg roll with eggs from our own ducks, and a good coffee. Winning at Sunday morning.

Ok, let's try an experiment. You can use this page to sign up for Toot!:

It will remain open as long as I dare, and hopefully I won't run completely out of beta tester slots!

And remember, not everything works yet! Report bugs at, but remember to check if they are already there!

And now I'm getting hailed on. Outside is cancelled for today. Indoor funtimes ahoy!

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2 engine fire alarm means no more gym for me today. The universe clearly believes I should be home eating snacks and building a Mastodon instance.

if i worked in IT for a business whose slogan was ”down down” i would simply software update all the checkout machines at once

tweeters going to mastodon has opened my mind to new possibilities such as police going to fucking jail

Finding quite a good Android client if you're looking for one.

is pretty cool, actually. I don't know why more 3rd party Twitter clients don't start migrating to Mastodon. I mean, what's the point of sticking with a service that is actively trying to undermine you?

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