@trentyarwood I'm also nerding out and setting up an instance because why not? It'll be like running a BBS or talker again! Fond memories.

So after looking a bit more into how exactly Mastodon works... it seems like it's generally *not* a good idea to cluster in echo-chambers on a single instance if you want to have your toots spread more broadly throughout the network. That's not something the average user may care about, but for activist types migrating to here from Twitter, that's going to be an important factor.

@jpwarren OMG a BBS! That takes me back to a time when I welcomed a blue screen!

@jennylmackinnon @MsPraxis Aww, sorry it didn't work out. I see similar dynamics at play here in the Fediverse in many ways. Exciting!

@MsPraxis It was so fun! There was drama, but it was small scale stuff compared to the Bad Places. I feel a chance to reclaim lost happiness and community.

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