Quickly dipped back into the Bad Bird Site and yeah, quote replies are a terrible idea and we should not have them here.

I have no idea how to start the conversation of "I'm going to have to mute you [person-I-really-like] because you keep putting all of this hateful shit in my feed."
And the CW feature here is *awesome* for helping with that tendency.

@jpwarren Yeah, I missed them at first but then thought about what they’re most frequently used for and decided I didn’t miss them at all.

@expectproblems I went to use one once or twice, and now don't miss them at all.
The contrast with the :birdsite: after being mostly here is stark.

@jpwarren Well, I often used it for jokes, etc, but it hit me that many I saw on my feed before was arguing between people.

And while I am certainly a really progressive sort, I’ve just never found much value in the idea of arguing politics on a micro-blogging platform.

I tend to leave my politics for IRL conversations, most of the time.

@expectproblems Yeah, it has good/benign uses, but it seems to require too much discipline to be used consistently well by humans. Let alone those with bad-faith intentions.

@jpwarren I do wonder if that was a consideration when removing them from this this? Or if there were other reasons?

@jpwarren I'm missing all my science tweeps, but in terms of the news and banter, this is great

@trentyarwood So great. I figure all of what I actually want will end up here eventually as all my good peeps come over. There's enough now for me to stay.

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