Light mist this morning preparing for a rainy week ahead.

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The river tonight. Photo taken with my new phone (Samsung A33). No post-processing.

Good morning! Temperature just below freezing this morning.

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Øy is me and tap dancer Janne Eraker.

A couple of weeks ago we sat down to talk about the project. It ended up as a full podcast-style conversation over 45 minutes. We talk about stuff like how it is for a tap dancer and an electronic musician to play music together, how it feels to interact with the other persons instrument, and if the process of making art should be part of the art itself or just be a tool for the creation of the piece.

Watch or listen here:

Still there are some tomatoes to harvest and mushrooms in the forest.

September 1. Cooler in the air. Guess it's autumn saying hello. 10 days to the election so I'm not on these social media things so much.

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Am heutigen #MusikMontag spiele ich ein Voluntary der englischen #Komponistin Kate Loder (Kate Thompson, Lady Thompson), die 1825 oder 1826 geboren wurde und 1904 starb.

It's #MusicMonday again and I'm playing a voluntary by Kate Loder (Kate Thompson, Lady Thompson) who was born in 1825 (other sources say 1826) and died in 1904.

#organ #OrganMusic #WomenComposers #Orgel #OrgelMusik #Komponistinnen

Good morning. Sunny, windy and cool. Have a beautiful day!

This morning started with evacuation of uninvited guests in our fire wood. Otherwise it looks like a beautiful day here.

Beginning to return to life after a suspected COVID infection. Feeling much better.

Good morning internet! 50 mm of rain in yesterday's thunderstorm.

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I have one of those daily quotes apps on my phone. Today it made me laugh.


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