I miss using google analytics, I loved checking the data when I'd submit a blog post - just to see how many locations had viewed it etc. It did quickly become an ego thing though and eventually just didn't align with how I (and many others) want the web to be.

Sometimes I feel like YouTube doesn't even know me at all

Twitter does make me want to run for the hills. Thinking back to how it was in 2012-2013, the simplicity of the product was just great, they even had a sensible API. No idea where they’ve gone wrong, well you know apart from the whole letting nazis tweet thing etc.

Killing two birds with one stone. Cleaning up shitty CSS and watching RDR2 streams. No birds were harmed in this process.

Using this whalebird.org/en/desktop/conte which seemed questionable but actually it's looking and feeling great 🙇🏻‍♂️

If I've followed you its probably because you've tooted about frontend, rdr2 or both. Wild times ahead.


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