Hey all of you software and other engineer types... why not consider dropping some coin on the adult education/mentorship program I founded, Sphere College Project? We could really use some help... one of our participants just got laid off and he's in a very tight spot. He's on parole after serving 30 years and this is an alien society and he's being pretty heroic through it all, but it's tough out there. Please help. I'd be happy to talk with anyone about it more. Thank you.

I'm curious. Does anyone else read scientific papers for pleasure? (Boosts wanted.)

Hey all you software engineer/gamer types who have some extra cash laying around... How about help this genius artist get her radiator fixed? That would be cool...

And as a reward, you can watch this video of me lighting a firebird back in 2007. You're welcome.


Might this post reach anyone in the Ft Collins/Denver area? If so, please go take a look at Virginia Stewart's Fabric of Space, her first work accepted into a juried art show. It's a brilliant piece. If you're not in the area, perhaps you know someone who appreciates fine art that you can suggest they drop in to the gallery. Cheers!


What happened to the pussy hats?
They were so effective.

Wow. Look at all that stuff
on the Federated timeline.

Hello #amateurradio community! We are an amateur radio club from Germany. Our clubstation is DK0YA. Toots will be mostly in German.

Please boost, so that we can connect to other amateurs!

Hey. Does anyone know of some interesting data I can use to try to do some visualizations with in R? Point me to it.

Here's what I was doing in 1987. I loved this group. I was one extremely fortunate trombone player. Listen to those fucking trumpet players. And the french horn player. And omg, the tuba player (he later studied applied math at Brown). I mean, I'm sure we all have some stuff we'd take back, but this was a live recording on cassette tape and hey, I can dance all the way through the Waller, so it can't be too bad. Man, Anita just always amazed me.



Max Richter did recompositions of Vivaldi's Four Seasons which are interesting.

Consider how many children are being scud-missiled, how many teacher strikes are un-noticed, homeless remain invisible, how many amendments are being rolled back, how much of your data is being stolen and auctioned again by Zucky etc. while everyone is watching hyper-sensationalized fake-news "volcanic apocalypse" porn in a tiny 1/10,000th of Hawaii

I live <10 miles from the lava flow. It sucks, but we're alive, we're safe, the situation is closely monitored, we're dealing. Don't be hoodwinked.

I'm wondering what music recommendations I'll get here... I'm thinking maybe instrumental.... go.

Just heard about Mastodon and trying to get the hang of all of this.
I have my own, empty instance, but made an account here too, starting off by following those whom I thought were funny when I first got here. Hoping to end up with no more need for Facebook or Twitter.

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