New laptop, new twitter client that works well, so tell me again why I ought to stay away from that birdy site.

> UK University Bans Clapping At Performances To Avoid Triggering Students With Anxiety
> Students have been asked to use "jazz hands" instead.

It's now on the level of "Momma, he looked at me!"

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Ate out at Mudde Burger tonight. No puns, please.

After 3 pm and still haven't eaten lunch. Beginning to feel hungry.

Two groups of workers here at the house today: one, in the attic, replacing our old water tank; the other, in the back, installing the modular shelving for my new . Saws, hammers, and other tools of their trade making havoc of my day. All for the good, however.

Makes me feel warmly happy using , like regaining an old friend who had gone off the deep end (read: birdy site).

Somehow I caught myself searching and reading about and region, where I had stayed for a few months many, many years ago.

Stepped out for a coffee to warm me old bones. And a wee apple, nut, and cinnamon cake to accompany it. Got the new umbrella to working again, catching like it ought. I'm ready to work. Oh wait. What about a nap?

Soon will be time for a new laptop. Windows, nem pensar. Apple may be my only option, as last time. (10 years with a refurbished model, but don't expect today's Apple products to be as good.) If I had a good open source option, easy to use for non-techie, not expensive, that'd be ideal.

Lunched close by, at a favorite spot, the pie store. Got to be close friends with owners. He sits and we talk while I eat.

Rain has let up. Time to make a dash out to a nearby spot for lunch. Here's hoping I don't dissolve in the street.

Avatar back to old image above and to left, but new one is showing up in timeline.

I liked the simplicity of the birdy site way back when. Want that experience again. Can provide it? Wherever it is I am?

OK, so that's weird. How did I get from to Am I still back over there? Can I stay here? Am I in two places at once? Has the universe been warped?

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