Man, these sound pretty disgusting and I’m fairly certain they were invented in the early 90s by sketch comedy shows. Right

Friday I had facet injections in my cervical spine C1 - C4 and occipital nerve blocks. In total there’re more than a dozen needle marks on my neck.

Oh and as a bonus I also got some great “tattoos” in very permanent marker.

I try to hit a goal of less than 220mg of caffeine a day, somehow today I ended up with 1 single mg left.

Here is this god awful thing I posted in Instagram two years ago…

Oh hey, Denver has fake 5G on AT&T. I’ll admit though, it’s a bit faster than my normal LTE (which is in the boonies).

I just might want to do this more than wingsuit jumping….

For reference (except Party Cannon, they’re doing it right). I can’t read any of these…

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