I am opposed to “chicken spaghetti”. It just ain’t right, man.

When exactly did the internet become mostly about people being as weird as they can for the sake of being weird?

Thirty-nine years old. What the hell? Where exactly is time going?

Man, these sound pretty disgusting and I’m fairly certain they were invented in the early 90s by sketch comedy shows. Right @ChrisShockley76@twitter.com?

Seriously, I’ve been scrubbing my neck as hard as I can (which isn’t very hard because of how sore I am) and it has barely faded.

Friday I had facet injections in my cervical spine C1 - C4 and occipital nerve blocks. In total there’re more than a dozen needle marks on my neck.

Oh and as a bonus I also got some great “tattoos” in very permanent marker.

Oh man, tomorrow is the 16th… well at least it’ll be in the past soon.

About to see some Dub Trio! Where you at @ChrisShockley76@twitter.com?

Tonight I get to see a badass band called Dub Trio and it’s gonna be awesome! Tomorrow morning I have my second round of nerve block injections in my neck. Not looking forward to that…

Is it really time for everything that can be pumpkin spiced even though it’s wrong to be pumpkin spiced?

Sometimes you say shit, sometimes I don’t. Know what I’m saying @ChrisShockley76@twitter.com?

@hutchinsonmini I totally agree. I truly wish people could be real with everyone, for the most part.

Like the way I *want* to reply to that question is; “terribly, life has been incredibly hard lately and a lot of it is your fault.” Communication is not one their strong personality traits.

Really I think the majority of society needs to learn how to communicate, even on a basic level.

“How are you doing?” - such an innocuous question, but I am having a terrible time deciding how to respond, or even if I should respond.

I’ve got a bunch of stuff that I need to do and really don’t want to do. Maybe I’ll sneak out the back...

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