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Just 120 miles south and I’ll be home again. It’s been a trip.

It was also a pretty good weekend, was just short of a few people that would’ve made it closer to perfect.

Oh hey, Denver has fake 5G on AT&T. I’ll admit though, it’s a bit faster than my normal LTE (which is in the boonies).

72 miles to go. Also, Colorado drivers are the worst drivers of anywhere I’ve ever been.

Today has the potential to either be extremely busy, or nothing at all.

It’s a damn full-on torrential downpour here. It’s been one hell of a wet summer.

I’ve got plugins and virtual instruments that I’ve been using for a decade that need serial numbers and activation codes that I’ve got no idea where they are.

Recently picked up a new big ass SSD that I plan to swap into my studio computer. Man, I don’t look forward to that massive undertaking.

I’m just never going to be a “morning person”.

What has happened to me? I feel like going to bed and it’s 10:09 PM.

I just might want to do this more than wingsuit jumping….

AirPods should be able to be charged by an Apple Watch charming puck.

What a strange summer this has been weather-wise.

In the early days of Twitter the way we tweeted was like;

“ is doing laundry.”

That style didn’t seem to last very long. Now it’s just a sort of word vomit, generally.

Giving this new Netflix sci-fi show “Another Life” a go and so far I’m digging it. Kind of reminds me of the movie “Arrival”.

I’m not sure exactly why, but I was just looking at Flava Flav’s Wikipedia page and under “instruments” it lists several things; including the “triangle”.

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