Going live on youtube at 8:30pm pacific youtube.com/c/JoeRozner/live hacking on IoT and UPnP with Go

Getting ready to live steam some of the IoT hacking I've been working on. If you're interested in Go or IoT security standby for link

tfw you're learning something new and you finally get to the point where you know what to do next without having to do a bunch of research and it just works

Even worse the link to their "Beginning Developer Guide" in the IRC topic is youtube.com/watch?v=Lfafno4HND. I get joking around but there are some serious issues around making use and contribution easy

Literally spent 20 minutes trying to figure out how to update a footprint in KiCad. The usability for some of this stuff is awful. I see all the awesome stuff that's coming soon but there's just so much more to go before it's actually good

I've also found a handful of (probably) simple UI additions I'd be interested in probably contributing but launchpad is a giant piece of shit and just figuring out how to get started contributing is much more difficult than it needs to be

Building parts in KiCad is terrible. Eagle was surprisingly not too bad, but holy shit how does anyone do this? The OpenGL renderer has no tools and the Default looks awful

It's unfortunate that there's probably no market for a well designed affordable EDA. The people that actually use these tools are dependent on years of training, shortcuts, and scripts due to the fact that they are all so bad. Making a decent one would do poorly because it's not what they use/know/company bought

Startup goal: have mobius strip business cards

Continually reminded how terrible a platform Node.js is. It did one important thing, make websockets easy. It can die now that everything else does it better

@Viss your GIFs have turned on my Apple space heater


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