Cool, hat jetzt einen Theme Editor für die neue WebGUI.

These books remembered me of and I had to rearrange them correctly.

Bei braucht man für das "free WiFi" seine Handynummer, Kredit Kartennummer (inklusive Prüfziffer und Ablaufdatum), email, Vor- und Nachname, Land.
Alles über HTTP Formular.
und ist für die ein Fremdwort.

Einmal mit Profis arbeiten! Eigentlich ein Fall für den Datenschutzbeauftragten.🤨

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Just submitted a lightning talk about the @fdroidorg ecosystem for the @nextcloud conference in Berlin on 25th/26th of August.

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lol, amp. i noticed that a page would suddenly appear after 8 seconds of waiting if i disabled js, which seemed pretty weird.

turns out that there's a css3 anim to hide the page for 8 full seconds (that is skipped when the js loads ofc).

this is *required* by the amp standard. your page fails validation if you don't do this.

sure makes these goog results look kinda suspicious, huh

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I think I disagree with all of the points made in this article.

RSS doesn't need more machine learning. It doesn't need "algorithms". It doesn't need a business model. It doesn't need to be friendly towards tracking and monitoring user behavior. It absolutely shouldn't care about branding.

Really RSS should just be about reading, and nothing else. The client can do fancy processing of feeds, but the protocol doesn't need to care about that.
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Hey, Nextcloud news – the #RSS reader for #Nextcloud – is looking for new maintainers!

Maybe you can help or, at least, share this to find someone?

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How to replace 60% of Bootstrap:

body {
max-width: 1100px;
margin: 12px auto;

.thing {
display: grid;
minmax(300px, 1fr)
grid-gap: 13px;

That should be a responsive 3 column layout on full screen. 2 Columns on smaller screens and 1 column on mobile

Funfact: The package manager is called "pm" and can create and remove user accounts.

JRT boosted is an email client that looks like a app.

As they say, "Delta Chat is the messenger with the largest userbase in the world"

Only available on @fdroidorg

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Can someone who was affected by the reappearing updates bug please confirm this is fixed in 1.3alpha4?

Here is the bug:

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Treffen der FSFE Gruppe Berlin/Brandenburg

Heute Abend findet das nächste Treffen der FSFE Unterstützer aus Berlin und Brandenburg in der elok statt. Erik und Tomás wollen vom Community Treffen in Straßburg berichten. Es sind natürlich nicht nur FSFE Unterstützer willkommen und wir freuen uns immer über neue Gesichter in der Runde.

Das Treffen startet wie üblich gegen 20 Uhr, die meisten werden so ab 19:30h in der e-lok ankommen und in gemütlicher Runde ein leckeres Mahl genießen.


Thursday July 12, 2018 @ 7:30 PM


Thursday July 12, 2018 @ 10:00 PM


Jugendclub elok unweit vom Bhf Ostkreuz

Laskerstraße 4-6, Berlin

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#ARM kills off its anti-RISC-V smear site ( after own staff revolt

Props to the staff actually, this is a remarkable step, over which many would not be willing to risk job security over this.

Still, it's also hilarious. 😂

The hashtag is a great idea:
- everything Android (custom rom building, apk modding, unbrick, IMEI recovery,...)
- Linux sysadmin stuff
- free bsd, free nas,...
- python, java, shell scripting

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