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After demonstrated they can't be trusted, disables their studies on new profiles.

"""While i usually don't like diverting from upstream defaults, something
that automagically loads unwanted add-ons isn't right, so i'm making an
exception here."""


est une association à but non lucratif fondée en France en 2015 par

Changaco @Changaco




Le défi des 1001 graphes


Dans un graphe, existe-t-il un circuit visitant chaque sommet une fois et une seule ? Une question difficile pour certains graphes...

I've just upgraded my MINIX v3 system, ... euuuuuh... I mean .. I've upgraded my Intel ME Firmware !

So underground train stations now have . It is unencrypted and between stations signal is lost. Which means everyone's phones will try to roam when the train leaves a station.

Can we do something useful with that? Thinking about running an AP on my laptop carried in my bag, with a webserver that redirects everyone to a cached static copy of joinmastodon.org

Quake 2 released 20 years ago, we are celebrating by having a deathmatch on an OpenBSD server. Join us:

Shut Up and Frag

Tu n'as pas de thèse ? Tu te sens nul et sans valeur à cause de cela ? Ne pleure pas, non-docteur, car l'Université française délivre des diplômes à n'importe qui. Cette thèse d'informatique est un poème :


L'utilité des modèles irréalistes


"Ceux qui exigent le « réalisme » ou l’« objectivité » (au sens de « reproduction exacte de l’objet dans la pensée ») ignorent la complexité de chacun des êtres qui nous entourent et, a fortiori, du monde qu’ils composent"

Why do you care about this? This makes work /much/ better on a wifi network that has multiple Access Points with the same name.

Most Conferences, shopping malls, large buildings, etc, have this type of wifi network.

Previously, it would "stick" to the first Access Point that it found. Now, it will switch to a better one when the signal strength is too weak.

K&R is now free! #C #programming


This really is a great book, anyone who does any sort of programming should read it. It's not very long but really gives you an understanding of the fundamentals of C.

Update on pledge(2) from Theo de Raadt, outlining two upcoming features, pledgepaths and execpromises: marc.info/?l=openbsd-tech&m=15

#OpenBSD Fetching the ports tree Show more

If I understand this correctly, this is a paper about 3D printing physical objects, with no electronics, that send information over wifi.

ie, magic.

This is magic.


Toujours bon de savoir que les investissements du contribuable français dans la recherche finissent toujours par être bien utilisés par nos confrères anglosaxons 01net.com/actualites/vous-ne-p

In unwanted diffs tend to die forgotten in the ports@ and tech@ diff-pounds. Show heart and today. Your testing can change their lives.