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Today is a great day, because it marks the end of a period of my life: I just uninstalled the last JDK and JRE from all my PCs and servers: I no longer have anything from this world. I started programming in Java around 1997 (java 1.1 if I remember correctly). I don't think I'll recode in Java in my life....

Who is communicating on the Internet?

(Source: W3Techs)

It seems like 80% of all apps could be built around those services:

API Gateway
Aurora Serverless

@dotpk @solene @jrx It is very sad that an electronic device like this, which demands huge environmental and social burdens to create, can only last for such a relatively short period of time even if the vendor tries very hard to work around this issue. There is no technical reason why any such device could not be used for several decades and keep getting spare parts for repair and regular software updates....


Porting Alpine Linux to RISC-V

"I’m working on making this hardware available to users in the next few months, where I intend to use it to automate the remainder of the Alpine Linux port and make it available to any other operating systems (including non-Linux) and userspace software which are interested in working on a RISC-V port. [...] this will be the first time hardware-backed RISC-V cycles are being made available to the public."

Master your questioning skills

"The easy/usual questions will already be asked by the machine learning systems. To differentiate we should learn how to ask the good questions."

"Answers are teachable, so we teach answers. But we don't teach how to question."

In the end, the hype will end like this : a simple immutable DB.

@jrx The Ballad of Cross-Wired Switchd byt The Crashed Daemons

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