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"arp can also be used to send Wake on LAN (WoL) frames over a local Ethernet network to one or more hosts using their link layer (hardware) addresses."

Port Knocking :

"With fwknop deployed, anyone using nmap to look for SSHD can't even tell that it is listening - it makes no difference if they want to run a password cracker against SSHD or even if they have a 0-day exploit."

Available as an port.

syndaemon(1) - monitors keyboard activity and disables the touchpad when the keyboard is being used.

I finally got around to sending my tcpdump(8) privdrop diff, which along with my recent commits to reduce pledge(2) [0][1] promises and mestre@'s unveil support [2]. #OpenBSD's privsep tcpdump(8) runs completely without root privileges at runtime! :flan_evil: :flan_hacker:




The longest 15 seconds in the world are those when you're resetting the router, wondering if waiting 15 seconds actually does anything.

Sensitive data? memset(p, 0, sz); free(p); does not do want you think it does. The compiler is allowed to optimise the memset away. Use freezero(p, sz). For large allocations #OpenBSD just unmaps the pages, avoiding the clearing and still making the memory inaccessible.

On a contact center company web site. They clearly come from the future...

"My journey"

"I have been using Emacs for the last 20 years. At this point, I don't even know Emacs, my fingers do. If you ask me the shortcut for something, I will need to let my fingers do it and try to observe what they are doing. And sometimes [...] I forget about how to do something when I try to attempt it consciously."

Unikernels as processes.

"So instead of a battle between containers and unikernels, we might be able to run unikernels inside containers!"

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