We have decided to focus on documenting, and archiving, means of reusing and repairing older devices and programs. All of our tools are designed to work offline first, operate with little-power on older devices and operating systems. Operating this way, we can keep creating content while off-grid, and when our power and connectivity is limited.


From usesthis.com/interviews/devine interviewing @neauoire:

"I ... dream of a modular OS that truly embodies the ideas of Linux, like Plan9, but based on a dialect of LISP with deep source control capabilities like NixOS. This magical computer would be designed to work offline, would not try to call home, use DRMs, it would be inspectable, modifiable and environmentally conscious."

Also shared as twitter.com/malleablesys/statu

Sehr schöner Auftakt für unseren Markt im ZK/U in Moabit.

50-60 Gespräche, 3x F-Droid, 1x MetaGERApp installiert und viele "Befreie Dein Android" @fsfe und "privacy is key" @cryptoparty_berlin Flyer verteilt.

Danke an den engagierten Besuch, der uns mit Fachwissen unterstützt hat! :bongoCat:


Free Reality Winner 

The claim that the document she leaked damaged national security just doesn't stand up: theintercept.com/2018/08/23/re

Local election officials in North Carolina, Virginia, and possibly other states only learned about, and started investigating, the spearphishing campaign against them because of reading about it in the news.

How much was national security damaged by *not* releasing this information to election officials sooner?

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