@Ypsilenna Best dwarf over Azeroth :blobcat:

I'm playing on EU realms, currently Tyrande (sometimes Dun Modr). You?

@jsalvador I played on several realms, but now I play on Ravencrest-EU. Are Tyrande and Dun Modr Spanish realms?

@jsalvador I remember seeing some people from there, but I don't know Spanish and most of them didn't know English, so I don't know if their community is nice. Have you ever played on an English speaking realm or did you just stick to the Spanish realms?

@Ypsilenna Magerithon mostly, and LFR, does it count as English speaking realm? The spanish community is not the best, and I used to be the translator of my guild when we raid with non-Spanish speakers. There is a big problem here with the foreign languages...

@jsalvador I think it does. I remember once I was levelling an alt and we had a bear tank from DunModr who was swearing at us in Spanish for the entire dungeon, but no one knew what he was saying exactly so we just ignored him, hahahaha :D

What classes do you play?

@Ypsilenna Dun Modr Alliance players are maybe the worst part of Spanish community... xD

My main is DPS paladin (since 2007!) but I also play with a healer monk and tank warrior. My last alt was a hunter, lvl 110 and waiting for me since last summer.

What are your favourite classes?

@jsalvador Haha, another time when I was levelling a warlock some Spanish player whispered me asking if I speak English. I said yes and they kicked me out of the dungeon group :(

I played all classes, but I stayed with hunter in BfA. Recently I made a Dark Iron paladin and I'm trying to level it, but it goes slowly (I'm just bored with levelling, the class seems fine!)
What are your favorite races? My fav ally races are dwarves and draenei

@Ypsilenna Most of my characters are dwarfs, so you can imagine :-) But I like draenei and humans too! In the Horde I only like trolls. Spanish voices and translation for the trolls are pretty funny

@jsalvador People from my country don't have own translation of the game, but english voices of trolls are already funny enough... How u doin mon??? :D
Sometimes I like to talk like trolls because it's funny :D

Once I made a troll druid and I made an character chart in an rp addon for her. It said "Da prowler. I'm da troll but I'm da cat also. Interesting, no?" And that was the entire Rp description, hahaha :D

@Ypsilenna Actually I never hear the English voice for the trolls, now I want to hear it! xD

@jsalvador I recalled that it was "I be" instead of "I'm" haha

Look for it, it's funny :D

Have you unlocked any allied races yet?

@Ypsilenna Yeah, at least the allied race for the Alliance. But I don't like the void elves and the lightforged draenei, so... Maybe in the future I will make a void elf mage or something

@jsalvador I unlocked all Alliance races and one Horde race. Which scenario did you like the most? My favortie scenario was the one with lightforged draenei. That dude we were assisting was funny :D

@jsalvador Are you a raider now? What do you like to do in WoW?

@Ypsilenna I used to be. I'm not raiding on BfA, because I have no time :( Currently I'm online only for the dialy quests, too much years playing WoW and the same content...

@jsalvador Aww. I joined retail WoW by the end of WoD and I have never really been a raider. I got bored of WoW several times meanwhile, but I kept going back to play with my friends.
Long time ago my friend showed the game to me on a Wotlk private server. I tried raiding on one of these servers as a healer and at that point I realized that I hate healing and I hate these people. When I joined retail I realized that the community there is not much better, just bigger 😖

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