The good part: I made a selection of mods and now the game is more playable. But in my honest opinion, it still needs mobs.

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I mean, creating things is cool, but the survival mode is why I play Minecraft

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@jsalvador Minetest Game is pretty bare, I admit. But Minetest Game isn't Minetest! Minetest Game is intentionally simple to try and encourage modding and the creation of other games. This, however, results in a bad impression, so we're starting to add more content now

@Minetest i met Minetest few years ago, by Minetest Game, and it was pretty weird for me (who was an active MC player). Since few weeks ago, I'm trying to create something for Minetest, so that's why I'm collecting mods to make "more playable" the game :-)

In a nutshell, I'm creating my own game with Minetest. And I think it's beautiful. So, thanks for make this possible!

@jsalvador that's great to hear!

When you have something, it would be awesome if you could share it on the forums or ContentDB, so others can benefit from it :)

@jsalvador @illunaminetest has over 200 mods - and that makes this server unique and amazing!

@dot_dee @illunaminetest thats cool! my idea is creating a modpack just to play in singleplayer mode. Mainly because I have little children who shouldn't play online yet, and they really love sandbox games.

@jsalvador @illunaminetest Playing with little children sure can be difficult. We have two fathers playing with their kids on illuna. But the target audience seems to be "old" men. You're very welcome to have a look (or even stay 🙂 ).

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