Does anyone know how to make pelican don't convert my code to HTML bullshit?

It's converting > to >

The good thing of this is that with the quotes it's working fine, it's creating the html code but with the < > is not working... and I don't know how to debug this tbh.



Now I have to figure out why is it converting to the HTML char before it's highlighted!

@ekaitz_zarraga Hmmm... I had the same issue long time ago, but i don't remember how i fixed it

@jsalvador I opened an issue in pelican, but they are probably going to send it to Python-Markdown. I'm looking to clean it by myself....
But I don't really like to play with this kind of projects...

@ekaitz_zarraga I read the issue. Better sending it to Python-Markdown, but I will check for what we did to fix it on Blask, maybe I can help you.

@jsalvador I thought it was that pelican was cleaning the input before sending it through Python-Markdown. Testing it now. I'll probably move it.

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