Haha its not real unless you fall through the ocean to the bottom of the world half the time on the boat from Menethil to Theramore. :)

As a priest, I used to levitate down and watch everyone else rain down to their deaths around me. :)

Also when was in beta, how priest mind control was basically unresistable even by much higher level players and always lasted one minute. I used to hang around in hiding and them make enemies swim to the bottom of the sea and spin in circles.

@hhardy01 It's not real until you're playing with a RSDI 56k modem using the home's phone (local calls was free!) as TeamSpeak, and your mother asking you if you don't have friends or something to go out hahaha

I remember the texture failures and suddenly falling into the void. Good old times.


Other beta memories... my Tauren hunter had a pig pet named 'Friendly' and I used to leave him out in Elwyn or sneak over the wall into the abbey and then hide and leave "friendly pig" out for someone to try petting or attacking. Then I would shoot them from cover. Poor newbs. And I would hide under the lake in lakeshire and pick people off on the docks like a shooting gallery.

When beta ended, demons sacked all the cities. Stormwind held out til the bridge was carpeted in bodies.

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