I've been calculating the price of running an small Mastodon instance (less than 50 users).

* DigitalOcean tier 2 VPS: 10$/mo (1 vCPU, 2GB RAM, 15GB SSD)
* Backups (20% of monthly cost, about 2$/mo)
* Domain (Namecheap, .club), 2$ first year

So about 12$/mo. Not expensive. And quite funny. Let's deploy your own instance!

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@jsalvador Oof, you sure about that 15GB SSD? My instance has got only a small few people and it's past that mark already

@posweg No idea. But if I need more space, I can attach another disk or even switch to Amazon S3 for media.

@jsalvador And it can go even lower - take a look around is pretty solid, their block storage is also pretty nice for backups.

Probably availability is a little bit worse but depending on how replication works it might be worth it setting up balancing/replication between two/multiple cheap-as-hell providers.

Need to stop reading before I begin yet another christmas project 😅

@zenitram For sure it can be lower. But currently is less than 10€/mo, I found it pretty cheap (and there is a good balance between price and quality).

In fact, I was going to use Scaleway to deploy but... DigitalOcean is my main provider since long time ago.

@jnogues Another good choice. Actually if we make a list of providers, maintaining a server would be pretty cheap.

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