I need a SQL Server database for testing and practise purposes, because I will have an exam soon. I don't want to pay for a Windows Server license, what do you think about SQL Server on Linux? 🤔

@jsalvador SQL Server Express is free, and though limited, is plenty capablefor practice and testing purposes.
I would not recommend SQL Server on linux. But if it doesn't have to be Microsoft, postgres is lovely!

@lafe I'm huge fan of Postgres, but the certification and the exam is about SQL Server :(


SQL Server on Linux, on *Docker*, is actually pretty decent. With that and Azure Data Studio (I think it's called like that, yet?) you should be able to play around without needing Windows.

*But* maybe the SQL Server exam includes something about SQL Server Management Studio which is Windows-only.

@sirikon I asked for it, it's only database-related questions, so I don't think they care about OS.


Probably they assume that it's SQL Server running on Windows, probably. You could study it in Linux but there might be some details that in Linux are different. Also there are features in SQL Server "mainstream" that are still missing in Linux version.

Take a virtual machine and install Windows 10. You don't need Windows Server to run SQL Server.

@sirikon Actually there is a trial version with 180 days of license to test it, so I could use that. But also I wanted to try it on Linux :(

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