Update: should I buy a printer? That one that comes with document scanner too.

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@jsalvador i have one at home. i use it like 3-4 times in a year, but it's pretty life-saving when needed

@jsalvador if you need a printer just buy a printer. devices that do too many things are usually crap. suggestion: a good laser, B/W printer with auto front/rear shouldn't cost much today. I have a Samsung Xpress M2835DW with all the above + LAN + WiFi + NFC and I'm happy with it, it's good for a SOHO environment

@jsalvador I also have a 20 year old stand alone epson scanner though 😅

@ranx Actually I have an old HP LaserJet 1018 at my parent's house. We bought it ~15 years ago and still print like the first day. But I had a lot of problems making it run on Debian, as far I can remember xD Maybe they don't need it anymore, so I can bring it to my house. But I need a document scanner too.

@ranx Btw, I think my father has his old HP scanner too, ~20 years old (maybe more, it comes with our first PC with Windows XP). I'm sure I can make it work again.

@jsalvador my scanner had win98 drivers, but I found unofficial winxp drivers (not perfect but hey, it scans! 😄 ) I still use it on occasions in my virtual machine

Yo tengo una multifunción Brother laser b/n doble cara, conectada vía wifi y uso a diario el escáner. Tienen drivers para linux, el toner dura bastante. Aquí aún hay mucha burocracia en papel y me va muy bien. Escaneo todo del tirón desde la bandeja y así tengo todo mi archivo en digital. La considero dinero bien gastado.

Viví muchos años sin impresora, pero entonces tenía una copistería cerca. También soy un poco friki del material de oficina, no puedo ser imparcial.

@farandula Realmente uso le voy a dar más bien poco, y tengo una copistería cerca, pero... Siempre mola tener una en casa.

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