Mastodon is the safest network I can read while I'm at my parent's house, because is SFW and my timeline is mostly English.

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@jsalvador yes. but i'm not working anymore, because apprenticeship was done sooo i'm now sitting here getting some stuff to work

@koyu me neither, i got fired few days ago xD So now I'm triying to relax and enjoy summer, while looking for new job and working on some forgotten projects.

@jsalvador i wish i could find a job with a failed apprenticeship

@jsalvador because one or two papers in my final exams were basically skipped due to being a little hatred against ipv6 and sql

@koyu Ohhh. I don't know there, but here most of companies (the big ones, actually) doesn't look the titles, I get a lot of job offers looking for people with +5 years of experience, but they doesn't care about studies. So...

@jsalvador i don't have any "work experience", i just have experience for more than 13 years about anything that has to do with computers. apparently people just want to see me rather burn in this massive piece of garbage called capitalism or i won't get a job and have to do what i can do best.

@koyu Once you can show them your experience, don't care if work xp or just making PRs to opensource projects. Because portfolio is better than "+5 years of experience with Reac" on your resume.

@jsalvador guess what i tried. german employment mentality just sucks. americans have the good luck to meet their new boss in the next burger king while i sit here and don't even get my new big thing started.

@koyu in Spain you have two options: working for a big shitty company, or working for a small startup with more dreams than clients/products.

@jsalvador i would really take the second option tbh

@koyu i was 3 months on a startup like that, and I pass most of my time watching anime. Not anymore.

@jsalvador Huh, my public timeline is filled with horny nerds, posting half-nude anime girls. I mean, I'm not hiding Sensitive Content, because so many people flag the most mundane stuff as sensitive, but even if I did, I wouldn't feel too sure about it.

I guess, probably has an increased number of people following horny nerds that post anime girls, so maybe I should give another instance a try...

@friend Fortunately, my timeline is full of people who doesn't need to post pr0n every second in order to show how horny are they... I don't know the local timeline, but I don't want to check.

I tried opening twitter and after 30 seconds, my timeline was full of NSFW content.

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