An user has written a patch that fixes the Vim/NeoVim docs in order to make them inclusive, removing the he/him references and using non-gender pronouns, using the Google's style guide. The community rejected this, by being more problematic than the current docs.

The user tried to push this on Vim and NeoVim.


Also, another user pushed the same for SpaceVim, currently non-resolved and the last frontier.

I won't say nothing in favor or against the community decision. But their pleadings against the inclusive docs path, are bullshit.

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Also I'm not a Vim power user and I don't feel part of their community. I use both NeoVim and VisualStudio Code, as I use Linux and Windows too (gaming reasons, don't blame me), but for a free software community, I think inclusion is one of the main and more important points, and they are losing a really nice opportunity to switch to year 2020.

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