I'm not going to work tomorrow because I don't have job now. So it's 23:44 and I have my white russian.

I made a GNOME tshirt. Someday I will buy a Nintendo Switch and AC New Horizons, just to make this tshirt again and share with the community.

I've been playing Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War this weekend. Because, why not? It's like being a 15 years old teenager again.

I always loved the point capturing animation :D

Btw I got two new "office friends". There is no rules about figurines on the desk :blobcat:

Patton (1970) is one of my favourite movies. But most of the movie was filmed here, on my city and here, in this picture, I can't see Sicily here, I see our Cathedral Square. Anyway, it's awesome.

I've upgraded Awesome Space Rocks Shooter on itch.io, v0.3 has been released!

There is still some bugs and we need to improve/rewrite some things, but the new visuals looks better!

Download for free! The multi-platform version comes with the souce code too, and it is also available on Gitlab.


Everyone, a toast! I just bought this. Now I need a good dwarven beer to fill it!

Not so long time, I made this. It's a Windows 98 styled alert message, asking for a date. Is totally made with CSS. Sometimes I miss the times when I had good ideas like this.

The text says "Do you want to go dinner with me?".

This is the very first test of how will look the new assets that I'm working on, into my game.

Everthing here is created using free software (Inkscape and GIMP)

I'm working on new sprites for my game. This is also a "how to Inkscape" learning process.

This is Awesome Space Rocks Shooter, a testing game I'm making to improve my code and skills, and also to teach about how to make games with

Still pretty basic, but... it works fine!

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