Vim running inside Windows Terminal with PowerShell.

No WSL, just PS sexyness.

Saw at the street, in front of a tech store. According to my homies, sometimes the app inside this Raspberry Pi fails, and the screen shows a JSON with data from the store customers.

I didn't analyzed it deeply, but I'm sure that it is connected by WiFi and it will have the SSH port open. So, let's give it a try and have some fun.

Not ready at all, but almost finished. Assembling furniture is always funny and relaxing.

We're on a week gamejam, and we're making a game really awesome. I can't reveal more today, but here is a video!

Made with Love2D and all our love.

Last Sunday, I went to the mountain with my friend, wearing our soviet-afghan War VDV uniforms.

I really enjoy this things.

Here we go! A late self birthday gift, because due to COVID international shippings were stopped from Ukraine and Belarus, but here is my new camera and my very first analogic one!

It's a Zenit 11 with the Helios 44M-4 objective. I also bought an adapter ring for digital cameras, in order to use the Helios with my Canon EOS 1200D too. I'm waiting for a better situation to travel again and take beautiful pictures.

Today I've been on a "pre-event training" for a reenactment event where I will participate soon. We march about 6 km across the mountains in Los Escullos (Cabo de Gata) carrying the 80s soviet airborne troops (VDV). This is my first self-picture edit.

After 3 days modding Skyrim (solving Bethesda bugs mostly), this is the final result. It is... another game. Beautiful place :)

New rig ready to go!

I'm going to build a small PC with the old components and give it to my parents. I think they will need one.

I'm not going to work tomorrow because I don't have job now. So it's 23:44 and I have my white russian.

I made a GNOME tshirt. Someday I will buy a Nintendo Switch and AC New Horizons, just to make this tshirt again and share with the community.

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