@seguridad Es que se me hace raro que, al menos en cosas grandes, se use

@seguridad ¿Webmin se usa en proyectos en prod? Porque yo solo lo tenido en marcha en alguna practica de clase y... eso fue en 2012

I have a new keyboard. Logitech G513 Carbon. My first mechanical keyboard! And it is actually really nice to write here, but a bit confusing until I get used to it.

Yo, uBlock hit 827 when I loaded a .docx on the online version of Word, today.

I think it's a new world record.

Creative Commons
Creative Uncommons
Creative Rares
Creative Epics
Creative Legendaries

@ahmadashraf91 yeah but this is just a hobby, i don't make money with photography :(

@ahmadashraf91 i think i will have to deal with my current gear for at least, one year more...

I mean, I was looking for a new tripod and a new backpack, because travel with my current gear sometimes is complicated, and... wow, a 40cm tripod is around 90€. And the "cheap" backpack cost 33€.

Me: well it's time to code or doing something productive

Also me: tomorrow I don't have to work... let's play something!

Blizzard, give us a properly UI/AddOn API docs and let the community create better addons instead of use reverse engineering.


@victorhck En Almería tuvimos durante... creo que fueron 4 años, unas jornadas de software libre, las Jornadas Hacklab. Pero como todas las cosas bonitas, se perdieron con el tiempo.

New book to my library! "Beyond Band of Brothers", by Richard D Winters.

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