"I don't always exit but when I do, I shutdown the house's
main power breaker."

@koyu you can use

tar zvjf firefox.tar.bz2

instead of

bunzip2 firefox.tar.bz2
tar -xvf firefox.tar

do more with less code :-)

Yay, successful passed the Hacktoberfest challenge this year. Cool tee incoming.

The idea is pretty simple.

[users how-to]

* Open the website
* Fill the form
* Send the form and wait for admin approval.

[admins how-to]

* Open admin pannel
* Review queued posts
* Approve or deny posts

[bot how-to]

* Make an HTTP GET request to Telegram's API
* Make people happy by publishing their posts

This would be a really nice devpost.

"How I fought against Heroku and win the battle"

When the self-service is ready, I will make the repository public, with a Docker/Podman container config and docs about how to configure your own.

Btw, this service is hosted on Heroku free tier, that's why I was angry with them yesterday night. And now with PostgreSQL, because I need a persistent data store and I'm too lazy to config a pgsql server on Heroku.

I'm writting a self-service webapp to manage a Telegram public channel, about job offers. We used to use the channel as board for offers that users post into the main group, to have a sticky place, but these days they are posting a lot and I don't have time to manage all of them.

So I wrote a simply Flask app with a form, and an admin bot who can send messages to the channel using HTTP requests.

Here is how I connect my backend with Telegram's API


According to [Superuser] user sockpuppet, you can install Heroku-cli without Snap.

curl cli-assets.heroku.com/install. | sh

Source: superuser.com/a/1391222/371755

Also Snapd doesn't work on WSL, so fuck you Snap.

Hey, do you want to use heroku-cli on Linux? You have to install Snap, a big dependency that you will only use for this application (specially if you're Flatpak supporter) and then you can install our app.

Fuck you Heroku.

Sometimes I think I had to studied History instead of IT

Working on new translations into Spanish of Wikipedia articles, about World War I.

I have some books about World War II, also about Balkan War and other World War II at the african sceneario (mostly about Rommel), but no books about World War I. And I found one that could be interesting.

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