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There is also a Telegram's Bot script to send notifications into a private channel.

I will write a guide about how I did that on my blog (spanish, sorry!)

Remember: is written according to my needs, because I need a CI server able to run at a Raspberry Pi 2, and destinated to run simple tasks like a build script and providing a download link.

Another update.

Now my task runner can run as Python library or standalone as a script.

I wrote an script to send notifications to a Telegram channel everytime a new task starts/finishes.

Stop me please.

I'm going to write the docs. But in Spanish, because it still is an internal project (not license yet, for example)

Repository made public on Gitlab. Need tons of improvements, but I started it yesterday.

Web UI at this moment.

I'm tired of code. There isn't anything interesting on Netflix. And I'm so bored.

I will try to read a book.

I should write the docs about this. Because tomorrow I won't be able to remember how it works.

Task runner written in Python. Updates.

Now every task generates a log, stored into a log folder and readable from the web UI.

Mostly inspired on TravisCI and Make/Rake, but without containers and for personal use only, not suitable for enterpise, communities or production.

I'm building my own task runner. At this moment, is fully functional, and you only will need a YAML file to define the tasks.

Easy to run calling a Python script, and with its own web UI, perfect for simple repetitive tasks.

I saw Gitea is a fork of Gogs because the original creator doesn't likes collabs, or something else.

Is there any difference more?

So, what should I install on my Raspberry Pi?

is not available for Debian Buster yet!

If you want to install your own Gitlab server on Debian 10 (or testing/sid) you will have to change the .list file.


And replace "buster" with "stretch".

Then, update and install.

Otherwise you will get an error, "unable to locate gitlab-ce"

The first problem: WiFi connection. To run our system, we need to use webhooks and a local webserver (actually it's a minimal Flask app) able to connect from the outside. As far I know, port 80 will be a problem.

So... I'm trying to make this locally using SSH and Makefiles. Not so cool, but it will run.

I'm trying to build my own auto build system, based on commits into a designate branch of our repository. Actually it's something like nightly builds, but few times per day, because it's for a gamejam.

First attempt was to make this using Gitlab's AutoCI and Gitlab's telegram bot integration. But we are a bunch of geeks and nerds and we want to build this on a Raspberry Pi we will have on the table while working.

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