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Also I'm going to make a question for developers: how right is to store a log file into a SQLite3 blob field?

Is better if I get that files from a simple filesystem? Such like /var/logs or something else.

"New project" views finished. It's really easy to with Flask and Jinja2.

I think this was the last view, so it's time to add database connections and those things.

My team approves my CI tool. So... let's to this.

About 3 hours coding and writing a nice frontend for my CI app. I'm using only Jinja2 and Flask, no JavaScript. But it's almost finished.

Now I need to integrate with a SQLite database, finish some views, add webhooks URLs, write the docs... and finished.

I made some improvements on my Jekyll theme. I think now is ready to implement it on my blog (as the main theme)

Actually I will be coding until night. I need to finish the midas-ci web UI

Yesterday, I bought 200 RJ45 connectors for 7€ on AliExpress. The same item, at local store, 10 connectors for 6,50€

That's why I buy online.

There is also a Telegram's Bot script to send notifications into a private channel.

I will write a guide about how I did that on my blog (spanish, sorry!)

Remember: is written according to my needs, because I need a CI server able to run at a Raspberry Pi 2, and destinated to run simple tasks like a build script and providing a download link.

Another update.

Now my task runner can run as Python library or standalone as a script.

I wrote an script to send notifications to a Telegram channel everytime a new task starts/finishes.

Stop me please.

I'm going to write the docs. But in Spanish, because it still is an internal project (not license yet, for example)

Repository made public on Gitlab. Need tons of improvements, but I started it yesterday.

Web UI at this moment.

I'm tired of code. There isn't anything interesting on Netflix. And I'm so bored.

I will try to read a book.

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