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This is my square-based space shooter. It's made to write a tutorial about the use of classes and inheritance on Lua game development, but actually with Love2D.

I'm using Horchata on this.

I always loved the fact of name your libraries or modules with totally random names.

Added collisions module to horchata.

I take the name from an empty bottle that I use as recycled water bottle.

I made a bunch of micromodules to help me with Löve2D. It's called "horchata", because it's a life priority.

I'm working into a rural life simulator, and I think it is beautiful

Support your local indie game development studio.

When The Matrix, original film tape, was released again on cinema, some people get angry because they didn't update the credits and still has "Wachowski brothers" instead of sisters.

Dude, it's the original film from 1999, not a remake.

I'm looking for a "new look" for my company's Christmas party, and I want to look like a fully functional adult. The second choice is to wear a GNOME tee and jeans.

Today I'm feeling so tired and low energy and I don't know why

Local furniture franchise has sold a broken TV to my friend, and they don't want to give her a new TV or her money back.

Well, time to business.

There is a Nava Museum near my place (relatively, about 2.5h by car). I wanted to visit it since 4 years ago (at least). I'm gonna plan something to go next weekend.

Por fin presentamos #Girls4Privacy!!!

Gracias a Kaspersky podemos lanzar este concurso con la intención de ayudar a impulsar proyectos de mujeres interesadas en la #ciberseguridad, la #privacidad y los #derechosdigitales

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