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I will need a large VPS (with large disks) in order to offer a Gitea service.

I ran my own on my Raspberry Pi using a 64GB memory stick and a small portable router to build our own private network. But I can't host a server for donors on my Raspberry Pi.

So, an example. A 1$ donor should get the same than a 10$ donor. But more Gitea accounts means more space. As long I can use S3 as bucket, I don't see the problem.

Actually I don't like the premium benefits on social media. No matter which one. But I need to pay the server bills.

Since I started my Mastodon instance, I'm thinking about to make the network bigger and deploy a Pixelfed instance too (maybe, in the future!) and offering some benefits to donors, like an account on a private Gitea or something "premium".

check systemd services memory usage with

$ systemd-cgtop

Seems like my instance has not federated yet with 🤔

TL;DR: i made a bot that shouts every 2 hours the status of my instance (users, statuses and connections) 

¿Quieres contribuir con

La mejor forma de hacerlo, es donando a la causa. Puedes realizar un donativo a través de Liberapay (¡desde 0.50€ al mes!)


¡Oficialmente, los registros están abiertos! Próximamente añadiré información sobre cómo podéis donar para mantener Hispatodon.

Mailgun me ha solucionado el problema de los emails, así que ahora Hispatodon puede abrirse a registros por fin.

Mañana los habilito y probamos qué tal responde la instancia.

Cerberus App, o cómo no tratar a tus usuarios (salvo que quieras tratarlos como una mierda)
Esta entrada va a ser algo diferente a las que solemos publicar, más corta y más personal. Tampoco será un análisis de la aplicación (el cual hace algún tiempo se me pasó por la cabeza, pero por suerte la falta de tiempo ha querido que no ll

Having the database into another server means less CPU/RAM usage at your instance's main server, so you can exploit better the low specs of a cheap droplet.

Another tip for a better perfomance for your instance (but increase the price), is to split services into managed services.

Example, for Mastodon and DigitalOcean, you can add a managed PostgreSQL database (1 vCPU, 1GB RAM and 15GB SSD), 15$/mo. But you can do the same using a 5$ droplet and 1$/mo weekly backups.

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