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Specially because while I was working on ASRS, I was pretty near to punch the wall. And I don't want to break my walls. My walls are cute.

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Last year I used to spent my free time programming. Aww... But videogames and Krav Maga are better for the weekly stress.

Performance artist generates virtual traffic jams in Google Maps by pulling a wagon full of smartphones

Do you like my new made project?

@jsalvador Red Alert is still going!

A bunch of devs created Open Red Alert, an opensource engine for red alert.

It means it can scale to modern monitor resolutions and they've improved various pathing and stuff on it!

It is still as fun and frustrating as ever!

Yesterday I was playing a tabletop WW2 game with some friends, and suddenly, I thought about Red Alert and those old RTS games.

What happens with RTS genre? :(

I have a love and hate relationship with tuesdays.

A pub styled like 1920s' London (mostly inspired by Peaky Blinders) will open its doors next week. I'm getting ready for this, hope I won't be the only one who will wear like a London's 1920s worker.

I should update ASRS soon. I have a lot of fixes and improvements.

Looking for a good job is so hard at this city.

Since the last departament meeting yesterday, I'm sure about I have no future on this company neither departament. So I'm going to request a move... or a new job far from here.

I want a Linux mug to use at the office when I have a meeting with the Windows departament.

Long time since the last production deploy. Wow.

Tech in early educación 

Today, I see a lot of combat training videos on my YouTube's feed 🤔 Are they trying to tell me something?

Patton (1970) is one of my favourite movies. But most of the movie was filmed here, on my city and here, in this picture, I can't see Sicily here, I see our Cathedral Square. Anyway, it's awesome.

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