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I got fired, so it's time to self-improvement, finish projects and get a haircut.

Repaired headphone jack: cast into a piece of PVC pipe with some epoxy. Not very green, but better than getting a new set!

And another Warhammer 40K podcast on my headphones. Time to breakfast.

Sunday, 10:07 AM. My coffee is ready.

Goooood morning Internet.

Well, my friend doesn't live here until September, so I'm alone at home. Working from home and home alone. So I started to listen to podcasts (again), and I'm re-discovering the world of Warhammer 40K.

I didn't know that I need this so much.

Jenni recently showed me how she installed an FTP server on her Nintendo 3DS. So I searched for a 3DS Linux loader.

Found this on reddit. I love this things.


Docker and Electron are the most hyped new technologies of the last five years. Both are not about improving things, figuring out complexity or reducing it. Both are just compromised attempts to hide accumulated complexity from developers because it became impossible to deal with.

This is exactly why I hate using Docker.

What a beautiful game, btw. I loved the classical version on SCUMM VM, but the Special Edition on Xbox... Awww... what a great remaster.

Today I finished (AGAIN) The Secret of Monkey Island. Now it's time to LeChuck's Revenge.

Gracias a @liofilizado_, creo que esta noche voy a volver a pasarme el Monkey Island 😎

Getting back to simple life, I started again to translate Tusky. And I'm getting back to Mastodon too.

I tried to fix the Spanish translation of Mastodon too many times. But I can't.

I'm a fully functional adult looking for an anime movie about 5 highschool japanese girls who had a school rock band, travelling across London.

Because I felt nostalgic.

I've just updated my CV to add my mastodon instance as proof of my skills. Also I updated the photograph, because it was quite old.

It's time to start a job hunt again.

Everything is fine until you notice you're the only one with assigned tasks on your own kanban.

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