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A friend of mine is asking me why I don't have more shorts. I don't used to wear shorts because at my last job, even on summer, we used to have to wear jeans or trousers, but never shorts.

Now she wants to take me out just to buy shorts and shirts.

Now, a fully free and non dependant on Google Play Services of the Radar COVID app (COVID-19 tracing app from the Spanish Government) is possible.

MicroG has released an update to include Exposure API.

It seem some people from the gob finally understand that public money means public code. But the responsible company doesn't know anything about public code, more like "other people making my job for free".

So, now we have the "Radar COVID" app's source code, but if you try to compile and execute on your phone, you will get an error because your app is not whitelisted by Google API (necessary to make the app works).

Dinero p煤blico, c贸digo p煤blico. Me llena de orgullo y satisfacci贸n, anunciar que la app Radar COVID, del Ministerio de Sanidad, est谩 por fin disponible en GitHub. Esto nos da pi茅 por ejemplo, a auditar el c贸digo, empaquetar nuestro propio APK, y si no me equivoco, 隆incluso redistribuirlo!

Here we go! A late self birthday gift, because due to COVID international shippings were stopped from Ukraine and Belarus, but here is my new camera and my very first analogic one!

It's a Zenit 11 with the Helios 44M-4 objective. I also bought an adapter ring for digital cameras, in order to use the Helios with my Canon EOS 1200D too. I'm waiting for a better situation to travel again and take beautiful pictures.

驴Os acord谩is de mi canal de Telegram (隆y Mastodon!) con datos diarios sobre la evoluci贸n del COVID en Espa帽a?

Ya vuelve a funcionar correctamente. Lo he reactivado en vista de que la situaci贸n ha empeorado mucho durante el verano y nos espera otra fase de desescalada.

Considera dejar una donaci贸n en Ko-Fi

Also I'm not completely comfy with Oracle Database. I know the basics, I know how to operate the database and how it works, but not the advanced administration tasks such like rise another instance or something else. So... Wish me luck.

It's an offer for a Oracle administrator, and by their requirements and specifications, seems pretty close to my last job. There is a 90% chance of being a job for the same company (as client). So in that case, I'm out. But, who knows? Job interviews are always a nice way to meet other companies and evaluate possible new jobs.

Today I got a phone call about a job offer I applied few weeks ago. We will have a job interview on monday.

Cross your fingers!

What's a Unix/Linux command you wish you knew about when you first started out and now can't live without?

Lo mismo hasta pillo otro dominio, viendo que no hay nada de habla hispana ni de Plume ni de WriteFreely.

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Estoy pensando en abrir una instancia de WriteFreely o Plume para Hispatodon. Algo como "".

驴Hay inter茅s por ello?

En principio con soporte para 5 blogs por usuario.

OK Blizzard, it's time to fix this. Two days until weekly reset and I need my Thunderfury.


1:30 PM, she called me. Now I need to print, sign, scan and send again some documents. And it should be finished after 5:00 PM.

Situation: thursday morning, HR asked by email if I mind to talk about my job situation on monday, between 9:00 and 10:00 AM. I answered I don't mind and I will be free at that time range.

11:50 AM, no phone calls.

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Waiting for a Human Resources call. Since 9:30 AM, when she asked me by email.

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