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@stitchxd whiskey sour in my glass. clink. let's hang. also #introductions arrived in the fediverse maybe 36 hours ago, roughly, still confused.

@sda Hey there! Welcome to the fediverse! I am the admin of How are you? :D

@stitchxd Good! thanx for the warm welcome.

I tried viewing with an anon acct from the subway Tooter app no dice though.

I wonder about pros cons of both mastodon/ gnusocial as it is today. thinking of trying an instance and not so sure I want to put a bunch of ruby on my current single hosted vm.

@sda Well you can join my server with an anon email if you like. Home page is viewable via the web page, but the public timeline is private via API (Like apps and shit) XMPP account included with registration ;)

@stitchxd cool. didn't realize that you are running GNU Social. my app apparently only views mastodon instances. checking in the browser. how long has your instance been online? have you thought of trying mastodon? I haven't found much good info regarding the technical and functional differences. seems there has been some waves regarding the newer mastodon but that they've mostly been sorted...

@sda I have run mastodon, it was bulky and slow compared to GNUSocial. My instance has been up a couple months, but I used to run as well. Technical differences:

#GNUSocial has (And Mastodon does not):
- Plugins, modules, etc (easier to customize)
- Runs in Apache, Nginx, lighttpd, etc
- MySQL support
- Windows Support with IIS and PHP5
- User polls (Voting system)
- Groups
- JSON, ATOM, and RSS feeds for accounts and API
- True support for SSL/TLS
- Admin can set text limit. ( can send out 2000 char. notices (Or toots as they are called on Mastodon))

#Mastodon has (And GNUSocial does not):
- Content Warning System (Allowing users to hide posts)
- Privacy Settings (GNUSocial kinda has this, but is way too limited)
- Runs on Ruby with or without docker (GNUSocial has docker support as well, but that is old)
- PostgreSQL with Redis Queue (GNUSocial can use redis queue as well like my instance does, but Mastodon uses it by default)
- Native Statistics page (GNUSocial needs a module installed for this)

I can't think of anything else at the moment. I prefer GNUSocail because it is written in PHP (Which I know and love, unlike ruby)

Let me know if you have any more questions, also (Ran by me as well) has a great tutorial for installing and maintaining Mastodon AND GNUSocial. Check it out sometime.
Johann Savalle @jsavalle

@stitchxd @sda Loved this toot

My 2cent - as someones who tried to have a go at both of this platform - a theme system - or something similar that we can easily deploy an instance with a different look.

Arguably, Mastodon l&f more modern and pleasant than most GNUSocial instances I have meet.

As long as all these platform keep compatibilities from a federation perspective, we should encourage development on both sides.

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@jsavalle I agree. I have written a theme module for GAS called Armadillo (see my GitHub)

@sda @stitchxd and also PHP yay \o/ (add this to unpopular opinion I guess...)

@jsavalle I love PHP. It's my 2nd favorite programming language. πŸ˜‚