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Is it me or it's not possible to make a text search in ?


@jsavalle @Support You can only search for users or #hashtags, as far as I know. Someone implemented a full text search tool a while ago, I think, but it was somewhat controversial (mainly because of privacy concerns).

@stefanieschulte @jsavalle Just tried it via #GNUsocial on the word 'users' - in this part of the Fediverse, it works ;)
Johann Savalle @jsavalle

@grmpyoldman @stefanieschulte good to know... I should get an account somewhere on to play more with this platform...

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@jsavalle or U help the mastos to improve the FLOSS-compat. (Mastodon has outplayed #GNUsocial) not 2 build a walled garden.

@grmpyoldman I haven't written in ruby since 2010... but yeah, that would be the most productive thing to do... totally overbooked rn in some other commitments but clearly a project I see myself contributing to at some point...