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Johann Savalle @jsavalle

@SarcasmKid birdsite drama lead to banned accounts which lead to more drama and a link towards instance. Obv drama will soon come here as well.

* read timeline *
* see a bunch of people making political statements *
* close mastodon *

of the
Go check
It’s a pet project started by RJDesignz - they want to create an index of headers - which is something we could all use :)

@Giribot il faudrait que vous le publiez qql part ce mémoire- IMHO internet manque de contenus qui reflète la nuance humaine, le totalitarisme intellectuel, qui vise à normaliser le bien au lieu d'analyser le monde pour le comprendre, donne l'impression de se multiplier plus vite que le reste...

@milan because they are faster to display pages? But agree they are really eating way too much memory

Btw just updated the latest Amaroq, loved the update (yes I realize this update might around for a while already... so that might not be super fresh news, but hey... I just updated now... so that's news to me 🤗)

@nextcloud but I actually want to understand how it work deeps down, then we'll see for the box.

Updates on Linux: "hey cool more free shit, I'll upgrade when it's convenient to me"

Updates on Windows: "fuck you time to reboot let's get some more spyware up in this bitch"

I mean, it's time to try to get your friends off of Twitter and onto Mastodon, again

I mean, it's *always* time for that, but if you needed an excuse...

‘A people that elect corrupt politicians, imposters, thieves and traitors are not victims... but accomplices’ — George Orwell