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Think it's time to go back to blogging and long form. Twitter and Mastodon just encourage dopamine nasty hits. Get angry about this tweet, hate that screencap (seriously, we're back to screencapping shit already?), uh oh that person said the wrong thing, let's get the pitchforks oiled up.

I've done all this stuff myself, and and I've seen all this stuff everyday from others. I'm still sick of it.

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Given the effort in everyone moving to a new platform, I do wonder a bit if it'd be better just to return to blogging + RSS.

Although as least Masto doesn't seem to suffer from the blog-post-as-image-on-Tweet thing. Yet.

Appreciate I’m probably well behind everyone else, but bridge.joinmastodon.org helps you find those you follow on Twitter.

There's a special place in hell for the person who decided that Spotify should default to 'start on system start-up'.

@sonniesedge oh God I love those people, as it means I can just listen and not have to talk. Makes social events much easier.

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@jsh If you paste a URL in the search bar and it can be resolved, the profile/post/etc will show up in the Mastodon app. For profiles, you need to know their account handle (@ user @ domain . tld), or their direct URL (if their server is running Mastodon, it'll be https:// domain . tld / @ user)

It has taken me 10m to work out how to follow someone on another instance. Surely I'm just missing something obvious?


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