I have to say that I'm deeply skeptical that any service like this will really replace Twitter for my purposes, but I'm always open to the possibility -- that is, after all, more or less the attitude I took when I started using Twitter.

@jsnell me too. I think the good days of Twitter may have been this amazing moment in time that will never be replicated.

@jsnell I always figure it’s worth trying something new. If nothing else, it distracts me from the bad-news dopamine hits on Twitter.

@jsnell would a cross posting service help bridge the gap for you, or would that be too complex to manage?

@gnallen Not too complex, but a bit pointless? I find interactions with my audience on Twitter too valuable. I'm not willing to just become someone who pumps content on to a service and never actually interacts. Also at-mentions get messed up, etc.

@jsnell that makes sense. I was thinking more for things like show accounts where you could have them broadcast to multiple places, I hadn’t thought about the interaction model as much.

@gnallen sure, autoposting might work in those cases, but I'd like to see this service grow a bit more before I create a slew of bot accounts to interact with few people.

@jsnell I wish an app like Tweetbot could log into both Twitter and Mastodon and make them one shared timeline. I like the idea of Mastodon, but if nobody is here I’ll never remember to open it.

@jsnell It’s better in theory than practice. I already accidentally joined an instance and now don’t know how to remove myself from it and only have the one I actually want. But it’s an interesting platform for sure.

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