I power washed stuff again today. One day I suspect I will have power washed everything that can be power washed that's in my possession, but today was not that day.

Related: my house is no longer covered with spiderwebs

@jsnell When I started following you on Twitter, you didn't have gray hair; neither did I. 😭

@jsnell whenever you get a hammer, all your problems start looking like nails.

@jsnell You need to become a vigilante power washer. Righting wrongs by night, one wash at a time.

@jsnell this is basically why I can’t ever own a power washer. It’s bad enough when I break out a new Magic Eraser and then, having removed whatever smudge prompted me that do so, feel compelled to go through my entire house de-smudging all the walls, doors, and baseboards.

@jsnell To you, it’s a simple power washer. To the spiders, you have become death, the destroyer of worlds.

@jamesthomson @jsnell I can’t believe neither of you has done “With great power washing...” yet.

@Moltz @jsnell Or indeed "I have the power washing, the power washing of Grayskull".

@jsnell how do you keep the power washer from spraying neighboring houses? I want to power wash my front windows too but it always backsprays the neighbors filthy front windows making mud. (Granted my SF home might sit closer to the property line than your home 😉)

@jsnell oh, how nice it must be to live in a “normal” house… LOL

@ismh @jsnell Spider Mac, Spider Mac, it must have got in through a crack. Is it gone, who can tell? That iMac has been sent to hell. Goodbye! Won't miss the Spider Mac!

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