Today: Hosted Download, rode my bike seven miles (that's good for me), ate lunch, took a shower, edited and posted Download, compiled TVTM letters.... still an hour to go, too.

@jsnell that story, for me, would end with rode my bike seven miles and got a free ride to the hospital.

@jsnell I always enjoy the episodes of Download. Besides being entertaining, some guests like Lisa and Carolina always make me think a bit; which is definitely a good thing.

@jsnell What app do you use to listen to podcasts, Jason? Have you ever checked out Breaker?

@jsnell That’s what I was using first, then I tried ’sodes, but now I have fallen in love with Breaker. It’s worthwhile checking out because you can be credited for your podcasts on your profile and people can comment on your episodes and follow you. Even if you keep listening in Overcast, you might be interested just to see how many subscribe to your show and comment there.

@heidi_helen Wow, that's a lot of detail! You should do viral marketing for Breaker.

@jsnell I’ve chatted a few times to the makers and they’ve thanked me for spreading the word. I would love to work with them one day, who knows? Got to finish my own apps first, though! LOL.

@jsnell how hilly is your area relative to SF? Those seven could be pretty tough!

@CrucialTK Oh, I do not do hills. This is on the Mill Valley-Sausalito bike path. Perfectly flat

@jsnell ah, similar to the C&O Canal path here in MD. Still a good, peaceful exercise though!

@jsnell You live in hill country, so I think cycling miles count double? Maybe triple ;-)

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