Bad news for @joesteel - I survived my call with Comcast, which I've been dreading for months. And saved a little money on my bill. This stuff is so opaque though, I hate it. I wish everything was a la carte, but it's all bundles. Bundles are gross.

@jsnell @joesteel Everytime I get a call from Xfinity about adding something, I tell them that if they can save me $50 off of my internet only connection, I'm all ears, but they never can and I don't need cable TV nor do I want a VoIP phone. So I know how you feel.

@waynedixon @joesteel I keep trying to kill our phone service but the way the Xfinity bundles work, it never saves us money. So the land line lives on? ugh

@jsnell @joesteel I’m dying to get rid of all our cable boxes. Last time I priced it out, I’d save only a few pennies due to all the seas and promotions. It’s so frustrating.

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