Oh okay, @jsnell is the address if you want it _clickable_ or something.

Two ats in one string... that's no good

Just a reminder, follow me over at jsnell@zeppelin.flights if you haven't.

@brianhough @dmoren @Moltz @Aleen federation seems to make it not a big deal. I like having a nice, tidy local timeline, too. Plus, vanity domains.

@neven apologies. Start with Kick the Can by Lehrer. That's the first book in the series.

@neven oh awesome! It may be out of print, but copies are around. It's a series of bizarre books about a guy who is a pirate, but on a bus.

Hey, people on here, why not give some money to help cancer research? And to make me happy? Don't you want me to be happy?


@neven Crown Oklahoma by Jim Lehrer. Forrest Gump by W. Groom (really, years before the movie). To Say Nothing of the Dog by Connie Willis.

Just registered a ridiculous domain. No, no reason... 🤔

@drdrang I mean, why _wouldn't_ app settings be under "my page" 🙄

@drdrang Tootdon does. My page, settings, then there's a font size option.

@heidi_helen Wow, that's a lot of detail! You should do viral marketing for Breaker.

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