I don’t really think that any of the qualifiers on the word “gun” is represent the problems. Not “assault”. Not “automatic”. The problem starts and ends with three letters. We don’t need anymore.

The Lincoln Lawyer is very good TV in the most mundane way.

I played volleyball last night. I went to the gym this morning. I am playing two volleyball games tonight.
A year ago, this is not where I thought I would be and I’m very happy about all of this.

Contempt does not convince, but it’s all I have to offer those stopping gun control.

Feels like a terrible time to need a new iPad.

Something is quite broken about our legal system when civil trials last weeks and weeks but murder trials routinely last days.

I went to a very specific part of the internet to choose my next book and picked up my head 75 mins later from the rabbit hole.

Wonder— a nice article on how to bring an important experience into adult lives that too often lack it. Love the organizational structure of the article. psyche.co/guides/how-to-have-a

I had no idea so much TANF money sits unspent by the states, or that we even need to have third parties calculating things like TANF to Poverty ratios to see how effective state programs are.
So many American social programs fail by design. propublica.org/article/states-

I have a thing about loving personal websites. Today’s awesome personal website is Rachel Kwon’s. It’s got a great URL, clean design, and cool information about Rachel. I wish everyone had websites like this. kwon.nyc/

My favorite story about Elsa is how she put together a bug out bag and didn’t tell me about it or where it is. Also, she bought a tool for our car that cuts a seatbelt and breaks glass in case of an emergency, placed it in the glove box, but didn’t tell me about it.

This is the kind of Friday that started with 8 things on my to do list. I worked balls to the walls all day. Seven of those items are still on my list.

Thinking through a major redesign has driven me to near graphomania, as I just continually rewrite entity names, their relationships, questions, user flows, scoping, permissions, etc.

Last Chicago dish is from a classic red sauce joint. Been fun eating my way through an extended weekend here.

“Dunk your fries in mayo!”
“Gross. Freakin Germans.”
“Dunk your fries in aioli!”
“How wonderful! 🤤”

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