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...And You Will Know Me by the Clomp of Heels

I've had a hard time keeping with things here, but slightly less hard time on Micro.blog. You can follow my micro.blog on Mastodon here: @jsonbecker.

I'll still post here too, so follow both.

@aquinton you had a really nice personal site you posted a sneak peak of (redesigned using tailwinds I think) and I meant to add it to my RSS but forgot. Link?

We had lots of friends, some of whom have kids under 5, over for pozole and tostadas. I think they’re gonna sleep until Monday. mastodon.social/media/azkuBr7g

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The Hurt Locker is a very good movie.

Do I recommend creative works, or am I recommending my emotional experience of those works?

It has been really tough to face some things I could do to succeed, but that I won’t. Not bc of a moral stance, but bc of my own emotional weaknesses. At the same time, I have found a small amount of solace in finding some things I’m really good at. Still, I wish I was it all.

Two weekends of work in a row is rough even when you love what you do as much as I do.

Lazy Mastodon-- when can I go try on new watch at store?

A few weeks in and it’s clear this is the social space I keep up with the least.

I've been all about static site generators for a while, but I'm feeling a bit of pull toward Ghost. Anyone use it recently?

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