one step closer to a working Matrix client: Fractal-next now sends text messages 😎

@jsparber since you're writing a Matrix client, would you be willing to answer a question which had bugged me for quite some time?

I've noticed that all clients except for Element are not able to authenticate the key, meaning that I can never get rid of the warning abut an untrusted client. Is this particularly difficult to implement? There must be a reason why no clients do it?

@loke @jsparber I'm by no means an expert on this field but AFAIK there are various keys involved. The old, more or less widely implemented system required every device to verify every other device in a chat - leading to an impractical amount of work for chats with even only a couple of people. 1/2

@loke @jsparber Then they introduced cross device singing and with that, more keys, and I think that feature is only implemented in Element so far.

I think that's the reason why you can always see the untrusted devices warning on element.

@loke @jsparber At least for nheko, I was able to verify keys with another user and not see a warning in nheko anymore...

@jsparber I read the article and i can feel the hype.

Now #Matrix promises to be the ideal #signal replacement, i just want to have a nice looking native client with E2E encription.

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