Is there really no way to share audio over wifi in the way we do it with Bluetooth for Android devices.

Apple has AirPlay but there isn't anything for Android.

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@jsparber What's your use case? Are you looking for something like Snapcast?

@piegames @thibaultamartin I'm not looking to share files. I want to share all produced audio from my phone to a computer which has loudspeakers connected. Pretty much how Bluetooth is used to connect to speakers.

@jsparber @thibaultamartin I'm pretty sure that I've once done that by coupling phone and laptop and then selecting the laptop as speaker in the bluetooth settings.

@piegames sure you can do it over Bluetooth and it works pretty well. But i want it over wifi :)

@devrtz @dcz Can't wait to drop my Android phone and use the Librem5 ad daily driver :)

@jsparber @devrtz My solution is rather choppy over WiFi: it's using TCP with no compression whatsoever. It would be a good idea to write a dedicated PulseAudio tunnel with those. I know something like that exists but isn't straightforward to set up.

dlna/UPnP might work… "just" need to find the software that implements it.

I just succesfully used PlainUPnP from F-Droid to have songs stored on my phone or my NAS playing on Kodi on my PC.

@afranke I guess i will need to go with dlna/UPnp.

For now I bought a Bluetooth receiver and I will live with that till I get around to setup something different.

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