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I made a thing. I've created a shortcode for @eleven_ty so I can use Cloudinary images within markdown files. This is something I discovered I needed while using and markdown files.

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Thought it was about time I did an introduction:

👋 Hi, I'm Juan

🇬🇧 Lives in the Suffolk UK

🧒 Has three children (10, 8 & 6)
🐶 Has a dog called Zack (German Sheppard cross w/ Border Collie)
🐱 Is owned by a cat named Rocco (Bengal)
🐔Keeps chickens

📽 Loves horror films/series
📺 Enjoys trash tv programmes, cooking, comedy shows
🥘 Loves to cook
☕️ Espresso drinker

💻 Contract front-end developer/designer

Just read: "Contextual Spacing For Intrinsic Web Design | Modern CSS Solutions"

Just read: "Merge request conventions for less cognitive load - Mike Street - Lead Developer and CTO"

Just read: "Why custom properties don't work with the url() CSS function"

Just found a fix with css - .nav-link > * {pointer-events: none;}

Just read: "Getting Clients to Care About Their Website Long Term"

Just read: "How to Use localStorage in JavaScript: an Easy Guide"

Just read: "CSS isn't broken: Tailwind, utility classes, and CSS architecture"

Just read: "10 Common Vegan Stereotypes (Do They Check Out?) | The Minimalist Vegan"

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