Any Endless Sky and Open TTD fans out there? Looking for a place to join and chat about the games.

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We have published one of the most thorough reviews of the Linux ARM Laptop Pinebook Pro from Pine64. Most of your questions will find answers: #pine64 #pinebookpro #arm #laptop #linux #manjaro

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Smart cards have proliferated and are now everywhere, from work ID badges to credit cards and passports.

Learn how to configure Ubuntu 18.04 LTS to operate with a smart card and provide multi-factor authentication.

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In April's Ubuntu Masters, talked common system architecture design choices, their pros and cons, and examples of deploying perception solutions to #edge devices using ROS2 on an ifm O3D303 time-of-flight depth camera. Watch on-demand.

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Have you watched Matrix Live this week? We had a fun chat with FOUR mobile client devs. If you enjoyed it, join us this Wednesday for Open Tech Will Save Us - when we'll be joined by Annie from Ditto for more React Native chat

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My Pinephone arrives today.

What are people's favorite Free Phone OS?

So far on my list to evaluate I have:

Ubuntu Touch
Sailfish OS
Graphene OS

Does anyone have experience with these OSes or Free phones?

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Last chance to register for our webinar on deployments in production. Our webinar will cover best practices for #kafka deployments, the challenges organisations can face when deploying it in production and a management solution for Kafka.

Anyone out there with problems? Trying to get my life back again. 😞


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