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wine auntie mook

I should have gone to the movies again today, even though I'm going tomorrow. Especially since I'm apparently not taking a nap

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went to Wakanda last night 👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾

I'm going to make a playlist of songs I could put on repeat forever and just loop it all day.

I think I got at least 10 to start.

I want to watch creepy TV shows, but I keep being interested shortly before bed. idk about y'all, but my dreams can be really draining and I love rest. Gotta be in the mood midday.

my Black Panther shirt arrived today so that's terrific.

this spot in the middle of my back hurts so bad and it's hard to do anything about it. I don't know anyone who gives good massages and I'm... not booking a professional one any time soon

does anyone remember that comic book parody with Mpuppets (knockoff Muppets)? this has been an itch in my brain for like 25 yrs

I have a shelf to build. *continues lounging*

I'm unbearably sleepy, but if I go to bed now, I'll miss the nothing happening around me.

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I've been wearing prescription sunglasses for several hours even though I'm indoors and the sun went down ages ago.

I keep reorganizing the stuff I "need" every day but I mysteriously still carry a bunch of stuff I haven't touched in months in my bag.

oh, look, the new Snapchat is even LESS enticing than before. 🙃😒

I need to toss my knee in the garbage. It's been wobbly for 2 days with a little pain & I'm quite frankly missing the concept of "hurry"

this train won't move and keeps getting more and more packed. glad I'm not claustrophobic. 😒😒😒😒

sometimes I get bummed out that Jasmine Guy is playing grandmas of young adults, but Kadeem Hardison is playing a father of teens.

I think I may have lost a whole series of books I own. Gotta organize my basement one day to be sure.

one weird thing I want *SO BADLY* is a still (or several) of Brian Austin Green in "Freddie" wearing his Rocky Horror Halloween costume.

👀 👀 👀 👀