@Danhon all I want for Christmas is early warning of the dates for CfA Summit this year so I can book my holiday to coincide and attend ;)

Slides / Tee / Jacket / Trainers all colour coordinated for - talk might be average but you have to appreciate the showmanship ;)

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Professional request: I’m looking for a London-based mentor who is willing to have a monthly coffee chat and help me develop as an engineering team leader. If you’ve taken the path from engineer to senior to lead to... whatever is next, I’d love to learn from you. RTs/boosts appreciated!

Though with the week after I am likely to be pretty burned out in November!

Looking forward to going to NYC next month for 'All Tech is Human' alltechishuman.com/ (and a fair bit of graff spotting!)

Really looking forward to speaking at SwanseaCon next week - mainly so I can listen in on the other great speakers!

I'm working on something - maybe a new talk - I'd like people to share horror stories about trying to apply for (public service) jobs..
Things like @puntofisso 's classic - medium.com/@puntofisso/when-i- or this from Beth Fox on the birdsite twitter.com/firebethfox/status

Please boost for reach :)

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If you would find yourself in the centre of a Venn diagram of ‘people interested in improving democracy (in practical ways)’ and ‘people who can get to UK on October 4th’ then you should also find yourself at this Practical Democracy Project meet-up we’re running. Come along! t.co/6LKNunWUJl

Off to Newport then to visit ONS - 101 weeks since I left - let's see what has changed 🤓

Got new Macbook pretty much set up now but it is time for the truly hard decisions - what stickers will adorn it? obviously - datalab probably - classic 'make things open'? If I can find one..

While I am almost always happy to work in the browser I'd actually like a decent calendar app for this Mac but 50 quid for Fantastical is taking the piss!

What software do you add to your new laptop/computer first?

I've gone Chrome > Password Manager extension > Spotify > Ulysses ... what next?

Bit of a while since I've had an early morning trip to Westminster and not White City. managed to time arrival at station perfectly (to wait longest possible time to wait!)

Anybody attended DevRelCon before london-2018.devrel.net/ ? As it is in London I'm really interested but as I'm *far* from a Dev not sure it is for me?

Unexpectedly brilliant jobs newsletter this week - August is usually a slow month but this is a really interesting list - sign up here tinyletter.com/jukesie

I just published “The great Mastadon migration of 2018” medium.com/@jukesie/the-great- (you lot are already migrated but...)


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