I just published “The great Mastadon migration of 2018” (you lot are already migrated but...)

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@jukesie I’m curious, which bits of this do you not like so far?

@frankieroberto the default streams, the process for following people, the fact that there can be multiple jukesie accounts on different instances, the slightly sanctimonious tone of some of it ;)

No show stoppers.

@jukesie yeah, following people not on your instance is a bit cumbersome. Most of the apps force you into web views to see someone’s full profile.

@betandr so someone else said elsewhere - the water is clear now but sooner or later people will start pissing in the pool.

@jukesie You've just got to keep an eye out for the people with a big grin on their face. 😏

@jukesie At least, with Mastodon, you can still find a server which doesn't allow that sort of stuff. Even though it's global, you can keep in a protective environment which avoids that sort of thing. The larger servers don't so much. I'm really tempted to run my own!

See I'm slightly twitchy about some of that - while better than the Nazi web I'm not keen on the sanctimonious web either which I fear some of it will become 🤔

@jukesie I prefer to think of it as the protective web. There are many groups who are abused online and Mastodon gives people some control, rather than relying on admins.

@jukesie Any idea what the local and federated timelines are?

So far giving th a severe ignoring.

@robchamberspfc I hid them straight away - basically 'local' is *all* the public messages on this instance of Mastodon - federated is multiple instances...f**k that :) Just hide..

@jukesie ahh, you using an app? Which one you go for?

Using the website at the mo so don't think I have option to hide.

@jukesie do we get everyone’s messages on here or is there a follow button?
(I’ve a big decline in availabile cognitive capacity at the moment so need some help. It’s medical.)

@Cjforms you can see *every* public message but there is also a pretty standard follow option you can can see my followers here (& follow any you know)

@jukesie super. Do we have to see every public message? I only want to see messages from people I follow.

@jukesie hello! we've never met Out There, but I believe we share a good few orbits. 👋

@Pubstrat yea - there are no easy answers but for now this seems the lesser evil despite all that..

@jukesie let's try this then. Agree with everything you said about Twitter 😁

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