Filed a DMCA take down notice today over a GPL violation.

On a related note, you can redistribute DNS66 binaries without source code, as the binaries include a link to their source code and the copyright statement.

The copyright statement in the "About" screen is NOT an "appropriate legal notice" as defined by the GPL and might hence be omitted.

Other copyright statements and license are distributed with the apk, but they're not visible, as they are a text file inside the apk (which is a zip archive really).

Why is it not an appropriate legal notice? It only contains a copyright notice and the "licensed under GPL-3" bits, but not the "no warranty" part.

I believe that's a bug in the GPL-3, an appropriate legal notice should not be required to include the "no warranty bits".


Note that copyright law might still require you to preserve the copyright notices, I don't know.

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